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May's release; Exoskeleton Excavated Externally ~ is available now . . .

a pastiche of experiences over the last 5 months , scattered recall and 

    cathartic e

motional realities


Settling into new experience, 

"Dreams in Cabinette"

is an EP of echoes of the future and past colliding , thru the eyes of improvised delicate melodies

Find it here 

"Cool Font Tour" album documenting Valyri Sheffner Harris, Amateur Surgeon, and I touring west thru North Carolina is available now thru soundclick (April 2024)

Look over Here!

I directed the music video you see before you!

FIrst tIeme I diregteD a VideO!!

Collab w/ Louin Haze: rebirth. (Dx Ver.) out now! (March 2024)

Hello internet!  I am Tristan Waiden, a music producer since 2013 going under names like SNZZZOV*EN, MC Trustan, No Curfew Kids, Skull Arcade LTD, and my own name.  I began uploading my music to Bandcamp in 2015 starting with "No Gods, No Music Theory!", a demo release by a punk band I played drums in named General Disregard.  I uploaded solo music there for years, as well as from bands I was in, until October 2023 when Bandcamp was sold off from Epic Games to a licensing company called SongTradr.  Shortly after this acquisition, they fired almost the entire union who had unionized soon before Epic sold them out.  I couldn't support the platform consciously after this happened, so I removed the vast majority of the music hosted there and deleted my label's page entirely.  Since then, I have been in the process of re-uploading my music across the web, and decided what better time to create a website than now?  I hope you find this site to be informative and maybe even teach ya somethin' new ;)